Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ribbetting Shell

Ribbetting Shell
Originally uploaded by rudimyers
I took my son for a walk with the camera and asked him to help me pick things to take pictures of. He borrowed the camera to take a picture of this statue and was standing some distance away. I got the camera back and walked closer getting this shot.

He took some very good pictures (at a great angle) of hay bales on the road. Should I entertain the thought of helping him keep up his own photo blog???


Karin said...

I love this statue (I collect turtles). Is it a bird bath on top?

Susan Myers said...

Yes, that is a bird bath on top. The strange thing is, the people who have this bird bath don't exactly like birds. Not only do they not have bird feeders, but they harass the geese that come into their yard.

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