Monday, July 5, 2010

Coffee House

Our trip to Williamsburg started on a blistering hot day. We walked from the visitor's center to Great Hope's Plantation. Our older son was enthralled with the tools people used back in colonial times.

Some of the "colonists" set up games on the Palace Green. My older son and I played a strategy game using rocks. This and another observation type of game was played by Native Americans.

We walked on to the Brickmaker's Yard. Unfortunately, the fire was too hot, so the boys couldn't get into the clay pit. Everyone was hungry, so we walked straight up the road to Chowning's Tavern.

After the tavern, we stopped at the blacksmith. The boys were fascinated with the fire and watching the blacksmith work.

My sister-in-law, older son, and I visited Charlton's Coffeehouse. They conduct group tours through the house. The tour is well-done, and I highly recommend you go if you get a chance. The picture shows the game room with a clock from the time period and our guide.


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