Monday, April 11, 2011

Henrietta's Second Egg

Henrietta's Second Egg by rudimyers
Henrietta's Second Egg, a photo by rudimyers on Flickr.

I labeled this second egg, because the first one broke. I wondered why Henrietta was hanging out in the corner of our back porch. I happened to look down today and saw the remains of an egg. I guessed that either Henrietta or Bob stepped on it. Since we don't have a large enough coop, I grabbed a banker's box, put it in the corner (where Henrietta had been hanging out), and put hay in it. Henrietta moved in right away! I checked about twenty minutes later, and saw an egg between her eggs. Good job Henrietta!


Jimmy said...

Yay Henrietta! :) Such a nice chicken.

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citlalli said...

Poor egg wow how nice is Henrietta :)! Well thank you for commenting on my blog and while I stop by your blog I hope you come stop back to my blog.

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